Mid Winter

We are half way through winter, and we have had only one big snow fall. I loved it, I know that those that live here, are happy when there isn’t much snow fall, but for me it’s so much fun to see and experience that it would be awesome if it would fall again. I’m not sure how many snow falls I’m going to experience, but I try to enjoy it to the fullest. Coming from California, we didn’t see much snow, unless you actually went up to Big Bear. Well now I am on the opposite side of the USA, and I am really enjoying the weather, sure it’s cold but a sweater, or a nice warm blanket can take care of that. The roughest time for me here is during summer, I came here in July of last year, and oh my goodness, the humidity was horrible, I could seriously live without that. I just absolutely hate how it feels. I remember one day I walked outside, and the air was so thick I felt I couldn’t breathe, it was a horrible feeling. But those that live here are very use to that, I wasn’t. I have to take the good with the bad, and I do.

Last night we watched the TV show 24, with Kiefer Sutherland, it’s a really good show. I wish I would of started to watch from the beginning, it’s in it’s 8 season, I think it’s a bit much to try to catch up with lol. So I just watch from here on in. I’ve been waiting for V to return to TV, well it’ll be back March 24, woohoo! OH yeah and Flash Forward also returns in March, March 18th to be exact, so I’m really excited about seeing how the stories continue.

Oh I finally got the food steamer, it’s great, we haven’t got a chance to use it yet, but it’s perfect! Ok well I should go, I need to upgrade my enthu script as I have put it off long enough, and then I need to work on List-Me.Com, I’ve neglected it a bit, but now I have the time to work on it. Have a lovely day everyone. I’m leaving you with a song I really like, Owl Cities – Fireflies!

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