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It’s Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas everyone, it’s Christmas Eve day I hope you are all ready, and don’t do too much traveling and enjoy your day/evening at home. I know there are a lot of last minute Christmas shoppers, gosh I know I have been there many times. It can be really hectic, and crazy. I remember my father getting all frustrated, and angry at times. That was not a very good experience, I use to dread when that time came, because the spirit of Christmas sometimes was ruined with anger and frustration, that lead to yelling or whatever. Anyway, let’s focus on good things hey? So people have different traditions for Christmas, let me tell you mine as a child. Typically for us, it would be Christmas dinner on Christmas eve, then we would watch Christmas shows on TV to entertain the children (my brothers and sister). We as the children always tried staying awake until midnight because in our tradition at midnight we would open our gifts, rather than in the morning. I guess you can say after midnight it is Christmas day! We’ve had that tradition for as long as I could remember, even into adulthood. After my mother passed away things changed, as they do for many people. So the tradition changed a bit, everyone goes their own ways as they grow up in life, and adapt to new and different traditions. I guess I am greedy by saying I liked opening them up at midnight and playing with my toys. This Christmas will be different, we won’t open them at midnight and I’m okay with that. Well maybe one or two hehe, and then anything else Christmas morning. Okay enough of walking down memory lane. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, get all you ever wanted, and are as happy as can be this holiday.

Now all I have left to do is finish off a few wrappings that I didn’t do yesterday. William will be here after 1 or so, he has half a day at work. I’m not sure if his holiday will run through Tuesday like some other people have told me, we will see. As for dinner, I believe it will be a lovely ham, yum now that sounds delicious. During my tradition growing up, we always had tamales, they were good, and well since I grew up eating them, of course I loved them. It would be cool to find some, it’s not often I have them. Last year I had the small Mexican tamales, they were yummy as well. I remember helping make them, wow it’s a lot of work, but in the end, oh sooo delicious. I’ll share a picture of a traditional Guatemalan tamale. It may not look like much to you, but it means everything to me.

Traditional Guatemalan Tamale

Gosh I don’t even know how to make them lol. I would love to try to make them, it don’t have to be any special time of the year, but just to make them. I have to search through my things, I think my mother wrote a recipe for them, so wish me luck on finding it. I want to send out a special Happy Christmas to Steve, I’ve had many many lovely chats with him this year, and I hope to have many more. He is going to be working tonight at a children’s center, it’s his job. He won’t be at home with his family this Christmas eve, so if I can I’ll spend some time chatting, so he is not alone. Thank you Steve, for all the wonderful chats we have had. One day hun we will have to have that coffee we often talk about, bless you for being my friend. I guess I should close here now. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and as usual I will leave you with a lovely video.

It’s Almost Here!

I can’t believe how quickly it’s coming up! Christmas is almost here. Did you all get all your shopping done? I did! William still doing a little after work today. Yesterday he was here most of the day, we were waiting for Verizon to show up, to switch us over to Fios. When I was in California at my sisters house, she had Fios, and it was very fast. I have yet to test the speed of the internet. But I am glad we have it. Unfortunately it would cost like $300 to get out of the contract with DirectTV, and switch over to the other company, so that won’t happen until after the contract ends. If you are curious how fast your internet, then go to this website My results are below!

Speed Test

Not bad I guess, much better than how it was before. Interestingly though, I can auto upgrade my wordpress, and I’ve tried and it don’t seem to go through. But I did it at and it worked perfectly. I use the same hosting company, same browser, so what’s the problem? That can be annoying, no it is annoying! I’m going to have a cup of coffee, and 2 thats right TWO lol cinnamon rolls, they are so yummy, thank you William for making them!

I stepped away for a few hours, had a nice warm then cold lol shower (meaning it went from warm/hot to cold lol). Now it’s getting near lunch, actually I stopped blogging for about an hour or two, then I stepped away, that’s why it went from cup of coffee and cinnamon rolls to lunch hahah. Anyway I’m hungry so I’m going to get some lunch, then return and post you a nice video, with a Christmas theme of course.

Have a good day everyone, safe last minute shopping, stay warm, it’s almost here yay!