Bruins Game Was Awesome!

First and foremost, Happy New Years Eve! I had a great time at the hockey game last night. It was my birthday present from William, he tried getting it on my birthday, but couldn’t, so we went last night. Traffic was horrendous, but we managed to get there with enough time to really enjoy the game. We had great club seats, cushy seats, great view! Of course I will have to share some of the photos with you. Took a few pictures of inside, some with a camera, some with my mobile, we’ll see how those mobi pictures came out The Bruins were awesome, and here are some photos to show you all, how much fun it was to watch!


I started this blog a long time ago. But had stuff to do, that it just stood open. Well I wanted to share the photos from the awesome game last night and there they are. It’s New Years even, I’m not going to a party or anything, just having some fun at home, films, games, a lil drinking. But keeping it safe, plus it started showing so I don’t feel like slipping and sliding around hehe. It did stop thought, so it’s possible there may still be some sticking tomorrow morning, but it may very well just all melt over night. That’s about all for now, have a Happy New Year and be safe out there and I’ll see you in 2010!!


  1. Happy New Year and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Glad you had fun at the hockey game. Sporting events are awesome.

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