My Christmas Was Awesome!

I had a really good Christmas, this whole past weekend, was go go go. We spent more time out of the house than in the house lol. I got a nice sewing machine for Christmas, William knew I wanted one, I just felt like doing some alternations on things, and I didn’t want to do it by hand so he got me one, I have yet to try it out, I’m excited about that, he also gave me a sewing storage system, which is great, because I would need needles and threads, so I’m really happy about that! Oh I got a shower radio lol, I’ve wanted music in the bathroom, so that is going to be really handy. We have an awesome Playstation 3 to play with now which is going to be so much fun! You can’t get William away from it, and eventually I’ll be doing that same thing. Speaking of presents, when we were at his sisters on Friday, and RJ his nephew went to open his Christmas gift, he opened it and had a disappointed look on his face, and said, this isn’t mine, this is daddy’s LMAO! I felt so bad for William because I can tell he was a little hurt, but RJ is a kid, they want toys lol. William got him a Patriots uniform type thing, with a helmet, the pants and shirt they wear like in a game. Jaime said give him time he’s going to love it. I believe that to be true as well. When we went over on Sunday, Williams mother said he was playing with it, so you see it is true, they warm up to it. He is going to have years of fun with it.

RJ with helmet
RJ with the Patriots helmet, cutie isn’t he!? 

Maddie wearing Patriots helmet
Maddie another cutie, wearing RJs helmet!

Williams family is really nice, very friendly. There were kids everywhere, lots going on. I didn’t know them, so I felt a bit awkward but I tried to be friendly and social. Friday was calmer but the funny thing is, even though it was just Jaime, Rob and the kids, I was so much more exhausted from that day, then I was from Sundays events. And Saturday, I really really didn’t want to do a darn thing, but we went out shopping lol, best time to shop for Christmas stuff for the following year. I’ve never really bothered with that I don’t know why, so I thought why not, it’ll be fun! It was, and wow so much stuff on sale. I think I’d like to make a habit of doing that, so the following year you don’t worry about getting wrapping or any of that stuff, okay maybe tape, hey maybe that’ll be on sale too lol. I met Williams grandmother (she is a sweetheart), she makes an awesome Chocolate Mousse Pie, wow it was so nice, very rich. I got a picture of it, but pictures can never do it justice, seriously though!!

Chocolate Mousse Pie, yum!

The snow here has almost melted away. I remember on Saturday night, I had gone into the kitchen before going to bed to put a mug in the sink, and I always glance outside into the backyard, even at night you can see the white of the snow. When I went to bed, I did feel it wasn’t as cold as it normally had been. Well in the morning when I got up, got ready and we were out the door, the snow was gone, the backyard, the drive way, wow! I’m like OMGOSH! Where did it go lol. Yeah I guess I kind of did whine a little to myself. But as William said, there will be more snow before winter is over. I look forward to that. I asked him if perhaps next time we can build a snowman in the backyard, I have always wanted to do that So we will see! I think I’ll close here, I’ll post again tomorrow, or the following day. Hope you are all relaxing if you are still on Christmas vacation.

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