Archives for December 14, 2009

I’m a Toys R’ Us Kid!

Omgosh who don’t like Toys R’ Us, it’s literally been years since I stepped into a Toys R’ Us, but once in there, omgosh I wished I was a kid again :P I’d walk down aisles and think, omgosh I wish I was a little girl again lol, or something like that, or I’d say “They didn’t have this when I was a kid”. So I shake my head say “focus, focus” hehe. And we carry on looking for gifts for Williams niece and nephews, it was really a lot of fun. I had to keep telling William, don’t forget about Maddy, she’s one of the twins, Jeremy is the other, and then there is RJ the oldest, they are really cute kids. So we spend a few hours in there, finding what he wanted to get them, but also admiring some of the things that we as adults can enjoy too!!

So no snow, which is a good thing, because these windows on this house need to be sealed, something they do every year here, to keep the heat in the house. It gets cold in here, and that is because the windows aren’t sealed, when I say sealed I mean completely sealing the window, to the point you cannot open the window, then again why would you want to, if it’s freezing lol. So with some warm weather, we can go outside and seal them, they have to be done from inside and out. It seems like a hassle, but hey whatever it takes, this house isn’t the only one that has that done, there are a lot of houses out here that do it.

Last few days I have been experiencing some pain in my right forearm, I think I may have strained a muscle, because it hurts, I think all the texting I did this weekend added to it, but I don’t feel it was directly because of that, since I am right handed I used that arm a lot for a lot of things. I go downstairs to do laundry, I pull out the clothing mostly with my right arm, so I think it’s a combination of things. I am trying to take it easy now with it, put some Icy Hot on it, maybe take a Motrin to relieve some pain. I’ll be ok I was just thinking it’s been almost a month, no more than a month since I had my nails done, they are so long now, it’s difficult to type lol.

Omg like an hour or 3 later hehe. I finally come back to finish this. I’m sorry got distracted by a few things, but I’d like to leave you with a video of the new film coming out called Avatar, it cost over 200 million, yikes, to make the film, I want to see it. The Patriots won yesterday, good game, woohoo. But sadly my Steelers lost :(, there is always next week?! 49ers play tonight, go 49ers! Anway I better go, got a fanlisting to work on, and finished another, will post all 4 next time, enjoy the trailer!