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Ebay Rocks!

I’ve recently spent a lot of time on ebay shopping lol, and they have so much good stuff, although trying to outbid someone else to get what you want can be frustrating, especially if your ISP is slow, we have Verizon and it’s okay, we are looking into getting FIOS, which will make things even faster ;) I’ve picked up a lot of good things for Christmas presents, there will be happy faces! Wow I started this post like 2 hours ago, and it sat here and I forgot about it, bad bad me lol.

There isn’t really much to talk about, just that you know doing the Christmas thing, getting ready for all that. Come Dec 20th we are off to Williams sisters house, for a family Christmas dinner, how nice I’m invited but I haven’t a thing to wear, which bums me out! So I’ll have to see if I can find a nice blouse that I won’t freeze in somewhere lol. Then come Dec 30th ten days later, we are off to see the Boston Bruins play some hockey, we have great seats, and I plan to take pics so everyone can be jealous lol :P that is my birthday gift, aren’t I a lucky duck? Now I just need a Bruins jersey LOL what kind of a fan am I if I don’t have one!!

We had some nice snow fall here this week. It snowed like twice this week, and it looks so nice. But OMG it was cold. I took a few pictures, so I am going to share those with you all, like I usually do. Speaking of photos I’m trying to work on putting my photos in a gallery sort of thing. Nice for organising I think. Oh and I finally talked to my sister last night, she was feeling ill so arranged to give a call on Saturday, so that will be nice, to have a nice chat with her. Ok well there you go the photos, and I am off now, need to do other things.

Got one on my mobile!  Look to the left!

Look to the right!  Gorgeous

Look beyond  So Pretty!

Loads in the back yard  Williams Truck

This is my winter wonderland