Archives for December 8, 2009

Dexter is Back!

I am really excited about watching Dexter again. We have been waiting for Dexter to be available on Netflix and finally! After like 2 months this season finally is available. Ok so we are anticipating the arrival of the DVD, and nothing comes, even though William was notified that it was due to arrive on a certain day. It’s his account, so he would get the notification. Well nothing comes, were bummed out, then finally the next day it did arrive, we were excited we watched it and loved it. The delay was due to the fact the package was damaged and I guess by standards the Post Office must keep it and they re-bag it, so even though we felt that it was lost or something, William contacted Netflix and notified them, so they sent out another. It arrived like the next day funny enough. So now we are fully into Dexter again, and now have to wait for the next DVD to come, meanwhile waiting on BSG. I grabbed the mail yesterday, excited that it’s going to be BSG, but no it was the Dexter that was sent out after we notified them the other didn’t show up. We were bummed so he immediately popped that one back into the post, so now we are still waiting. I don’t understand why Netflix don’t use plastic packaging instead of paper? It’s rather wet here sometimes, so I think for the protection of the DVD it should be plastic. I’m leaving a little Christmas cheer on this post in the form of a video, Happy Holidays!

So my birthday was amazing, I had a lot of fun, and I just loved loved loved New Moon, I did cry at different parts, I don’t know I think I cried more when I read the book. I’m such a sentimentalist, is that the word I’m looking for here? I think everyone knows what I mean. I’m not really into romance or any kind of chick flicks, but I really do like the Twilight Saga, it’s a must see, and a must have! I was just thinking (about my birthday), I haven’t returned a call to my sister (she called to wish me a Happy Bday). There is like a 3 hour difference so when it’s like 10 here its 7 there, and I’m already tired, and we are getting ready for dinner. I feel really bad, I really need to call her today. I think I’ll call earlier and if she don’t answer, leave a message that I will try again later their evening, rather than mine. I miss her, and I hope she is doing good. That’s really it for now. I got tons to do, so best I get on with it. Have a lovely day.