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Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s here, my birthday (I coudn’t resist posting that icon there lol) OMGosh it’s here. Yay! Ok well my birthday actually started yesterday, first with sweet William sending me some beautiful flowers, they are beginning to bloom, so that was soo very sweet of him. Then later, he got home with presents yay! Who doesn’t love presents? Well he knows I am a big fan of Battlestar Galactica, and we had talked about the show many times, I’ve even thought about getting the all the seasons on DVD but while looking at it, I noticed that they would send you a tall metal replica of the Cylon, so knowing this, he got me a Cylon action figure, omgosh it’s so cute, I loved it. He also knows I am a big fan of Ghost Hunters: TAPS, so he got me a starter kit hehe. So we can actually do a little ghost hunting, oh thats spooky! When I opened up my birthday card out dropped out two tickets to go see the Boston Bruins! Last time I went to see a hockey game was gosh years ago, and he knew I wanted to see a game, so that was my other gift. He got some really good club seats, hmm I wonder if they serve drinks there lol. Ok so that was really all thoughtful of him. He is a big fan of all that too, but he knew I liked that stuff, so that was really super sweet of him, he totally rocks he really does, thank you so much sweety. Now for pictures lol.

Ok here is the lovely roses William sent to me for my birthday, aren’t they gorgeous? I think so. this is how they looked before I took them out of the packaging, so pretty!!!

Birthday Passion Roses before opening up

This is the flowers in the vase, which btw is really pretty, they will look gorgeous once fully bloomed.

Birthday Passion Roses before opening up title=

Here is my Ghost Hunters starter kit hehe, for those that watch Ghost Hunters: TAPS you know exactly what I am talking about. I love it, and I’m going to have fun using, and getting spooked out like crazy hehe.

Ghost Hunters Starter Kit

And here is my tickets to go see the Boston Bruins kick the Atlanta Thrashers asses on the 30th of Dec hehe. Woo go Bruins!

Boston Bruins Tickets

I have to share the card that William got me, it’s so pretty and special, as he is to me.

My Birthday Card from Wiliam, thank you!

There is a part inside the card that says “It’s impossible to forget the people we care about, and the special days that belong to them” isn’t that just sweet, the rest is personal :P

Any Battlestar Galactica fan knows what this is. It’s a Cylon getting ready for an attack, ahhh RUN everyone, RUN lol!!!

Cylon ready for attack!

Look he’s going to destroy the Eiffel Tower, noooo not the Tower hehe, someone stop him!!

Cylon attacking Eiffel Tower

Omgosh that was fun, I felt like I was playing with action figures hehe. William is going to get a kick out of this post, he usually does. So today, well later this afternoon, we are going to see New Moon, weee I am so excited, and then grab something to eat, and then I’m not really sure what else, perhaps a little shopping, because there is a little shopping list, and I’d like to get to that, plus I’d like to pick up some stocking stuffers Ahh we’ll see. Gosh my tummy hurts, like butterflies sort of no wait not butterflies, just like a not so good feeling, ugh I hate when I get this feeling, hope it goes away. Anyway, I will end my birthday post here. Have a lovely weekend everyone.