Archives for December 2, 2009

Almost My Birthday!

It’s getting closer, gosh like two more days! I love the anticipation, but once it’s here and gone it’s like awww. Ahh well that’s how it is. I’m going to try to make the best out of my birthday. I’m glad that William is around, because he does make things better, when I’m otherwise feeling terrible. Bless you William! So yesterday, he was out looking for an Advent Calendar, lol, I told him go to CVS and Walgreens, well he went to like 4 places, and lastly where did he go? CVS!! Haha I feel so bad because he was running around right after work looking for this. Silly me forgot to put it on a list of things to look for on Saturday, so it is like my fault. That turned out cool, we opened up the first day, I did it right, William accidentally opened up the 14th hahah. And then he was going to open the 1st and I’m like NOOOO, you are going to wait now hehe. William will probably think, I think he’s an idiot but he is FAR from being that, just for the record :P

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to wrap presents, a bunch of stuff came up that upset me. Gosh I’m starting to get a headache thinking of it, but anyway. So I had to deal with that, I didn’t want to but I was pretty much left no choice. I don’t feel as happy today as I was before and it’s probably a direct result of yesterdays events. I’m hanging in there, and going to try to bring my spirits back up. So today, I took up all the wrapping, tape, bags, tags and everything, so that I can do that later.

I was posting or should I say posting an old post onto my other blog, because I’m just lazy and I’ll turn out talking about the same things hehe. Well there are issues with it posting right away. Something about the server time, and my local time, some mumbo jumbo lol. I couldn’t be bothered yesterday, so today I posted it, but changed it to yesterdays date, and that worked really good, btw I am using FanUpdate on my blog at Kiss-Me.Org, and not wordpress, maybe in the future I’ll switch, but for now that’s what I use there. Ok well I got loads to do, so I better get going. Have a lovely day everyone.