Archives for December 1, 2009

Guess What?!

It’s December! Happy December everyone, you know what else? There is three days until my birthday, wooo I can’t wait! I’m definitely going to see New Moon! Mmm I just had myself a nice bagel. Speaking of food, last night William made the tastiest Turkey stew, it was delicious! Perfect considering it was cold. Yesterday I got these 3 blouses off of ebay, and well I was not pleased one bit, my gosh you can see right through them, and they didn’t appear to be like that when I seen the pictures on their page. So I am going to return them, I am biting the bullet on the return postage, but I’m not keeping something I am not happy with. I’ve heard some pretty tragic stories about ebay, but I still go there ;) There is really a lot of great things you can get, and I’m not talking about the used products. I’m talking about the new products. Anyway we’ll see how that goes, I’ll give a quick little update later.

I took a break when I first started to write this post. I was on my mini, and I needed to get on my HP, plus I wasn’t feeling all that good, but here I am now. I wanted to put up a new theme, which I did!! How do you like? I love it myself, it’s just right. I have some editing to do on it still but over all I do like it. I’ll need to make some buttons, and well that kind of stuff. It is so cold, maybe it’s just me complaining like I usually do. I am warming up some Turkey stew, Mmm that is going to be yummy.

I spoke to Alice yesterday, we went on Skype for awhile, aww seeing her a bit sad because she was boxing up stuff I left to ship to me. I can tell she misses me, I miss her too. I want her to be happy. She is doing so good with her writing too. I’m proud of her work, she’ll do really good, I feel she can. Oh I also spoke to Steve He got a promotion at his new job, wow hey? I was so happy to hear that, and I can tell he was really excited about it. If I was close enough I’d give him one of my famous warm hugs *hugs* that will do for now sweety, Congrats Steve, there is nothing that can keep you from what you want! Don’t forget that babes. Anyway, well I guess I should go. Oh yeah quickly, I realised today that, PayPerPost, changing up some of their stuff, and I’ve been a member gosh since like 2006 or so, so now I am going to give it a go. I need some extra cash, it’s hard times right now, not only for me, but for everyone. With that said, I will get going. Have a lovely day!