Archives for November 5, 2009

Chilly Days Ahead

I love the fall season. It’s so crispy cool, ok on occasion its down right cold. But I still love it. I had a nice Halloween, didn’t do the trick or treat thing, as I’m too old for that, didn’t do the Halloween party thing either. I’m not too old for that, but since I just moved here, I don’t know anyone apart from William. So it was just a stay at home and watch scary stuff on TV which we did. We are big fans of the TV show Ghost Hunters: TAPS I love that show and others like it. I spook myself at times even hehe :P But on Halloween night we watched loads of that, went online and seen live cams to see if we can see or hear things. I did hear stuff, didn’t see anything, ghosts are probably camera shy ;) it was cool though, William is fun, he’s a lot like me, and that makes it fun. So thank you so much William. I wanted to say Happy Birthday to RJ, Williams nephew he turned 5 today!! woohoo Happy Birthday sweety!

Speaking of Ghost Hunters, I am in the process of making 4 fanlistings and they are for 4 of the investigators, they are a great crew, there were 2 I didn’t get as they had already been made by another Ghost Hunters fan. But I got the other 4, and later possibly add another 2, thats a big maybe. I’m exited about that, soon as they are done, you can be sure I will post about them.

I also just opened up another website, a small one, a plugboard website. So if you have a plugboard website, lets be affies that would be nice. Go plug your site too. Link me if you would be so sweet, i’ll return the favor Now go Plug Your Site!!!