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Four Days!

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That is right, 4 fabulous days until my birthday, I have to be honest and say, this week until my birthday I am going to post a blog each day. I have never done that, but thought I’d start on the 10th day, but said ‘nawww’ so I went with today, so it’s really what? Four days? Not bad! My birthday is on Friday the 4th of December! I don’t really look forward to them much, but I hope this one will be a little different. And well being I’m in a new state, and in a new house, it’s already beginning to be different, and not to mention William, he has been so sweet, kind, funny and so easy to get a long with. We crack up all the time, and he cooks girls, he cooks!!! Speaking of cooking we had a really good time on Thanksgiving, the food was great, everything came out just right. I tell you William is a really good cook, it’s "his" kitchen lol. He takes control in there haha. Fine by me, I do help a lot though, but he likes stuff done a certain way, so I go with the flow and I don’t mind at all.

On Saturday, I went to a clothing shop, you know looking around and what not. I got some earrings, cute ones too, it says for sensitive ears, and I really do have sensitive ears. But I do believe that if its not real gold or silver (I prefer silver) then it will start to bother my ears, it’ll start to hurt. First day I wore them, fine, second day started to hurt, so now I won’t wear them :( this sucks because I liked them, they are like a hoop but not huge, just a cool size, and then this twirly thing in the middle, shame it wasn’t real silver. I guess I’ll have to hold out for a pair of real ones, similar to what I have, here I’ll show you what I mean. The photo below shows the earrings I have now, cute hey?

Unfortunately not real silver. I’d probably want a pair just a tad larger than these, you can see how big they are in my hand in the other photo.

They are cute, even if the earrings didn’t have the swirly thing in the middle, I’d be happy, but they are going to have to be silver. We also put up the Christmas tree, and decorated. It’s Williams tradition to put it up after Thanksgiving, so we did. My family usually put it up 2nd or 3rd week, so this was fun, and as William said, "The Christmas spirit lasts longer", that was nice hey? I have to agree with that too. We watched like a few Christmas cartoons, and film, it was nice and Christmasy (sp?), I really enjoyed it. Well, I have some things I really need to get done, like ironing curtains, wrapping some presents, I have two fanlistings I need to finish as well, so I hope I get this done today! Don’t forget I will be posting all week long, until my birthday on Friday the 4th of December, then I’ll be back to normal I guess you can say :P Once a week or so, I’m also going to be changing the theme, so things may get a bit wonky. Have a great day, happy shopping, and have a lovely day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey day tomorrow, gobble gobble lol, for those of you who do celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving, for those that do not, have a lovely day This year I am spending Thanksgiving here with William, we will be making our own Thanksgiving dinner, his first in his home, he’s had this house for 4 years and never made a Thanksgiving dinner, so this will be the first and a historical occasion. This will be a whole new experience for both of us. Last year I was at my sisters, and before that the previous 3 years were in England and as you all know they do not recognise our Thanksgiving day, but that is okay, we don’t recognise their Guy Fawkes day either, so yeah. Anyway, I found out that William isn’t too partial to Pumpkin Pie *the horror* seriously because I love Pumpkin Pie, I make my own, but now whats the point if he won’t have any :( I’ll turn out eating it alone *sniff* So I guess we’ll just make Apple Pie I’ll make a Pumpkin Pie and take to his sisters house, we are invited for Christmas there, but on the 20th, so everyone can be at their own homes on Christmas, which is nice.

So today I’m talking to William on Yahoo, and he says “Hey they are letting me out early from work” I’m like “No way, thats awesome!” I ask him what time is he leaving he’s like “I’m out of here now!” and then I reached for something on the desk and knocked over something to the floor that made a bit of a mess, whats worse is he asked me if I took out the Turkey *blink blink* I say “OMGosh I totally forgot” so of course I dashed out the kitchen to take it out. It should thaw out by tomorrow afternoon, “I hope” I’m worried now. I’ll just let it sit in hot water lol. I hope I didn’t mess this up *fingers crossed*

angels&demons So what’s going on for Thanksgiving? Well Football obviously, the American pastime. Oh and we got the film Angels and Demons, OMG I’ve been waiting to see the film, I read the book and I’m positive the film is a lot better! We seen another few episodes of Battlestar Galactica on Tues and Wed, it’s getting close to the end, and it’s making me sad lol, because I really like the show. V was on last night too, towards the end, it just like froze and we can only hear the sound, it’s maddening. We recorded the show with DirectTV, so why is it doing that? Was it a problem with the Satellite? Grr it’s annoying it’s not the first time either! Hope it don’t mess with todays shows, Ghost Hunter and all. Anyway I better get going I got a lil mess on the floor that needs picking up. Happy Thanksgiving again, stay safe, and have a lovely weekend.