April Love

Well I don’t know about love, but it is April now. And wow did you hear the new Twilight film is in production and will be out in November of this year. Omgosh I am so excited about this. I must have watched Twilight like 8 times by now lol. I’m not a teenager but I can’t help but love the film and the books. I’m approving members that have joined my fanlistings, lol, I’m laughing cos when I went to click on the website it didn’t open in a new window and i didn’t notice that lol, and after i checked for the code i closed the website, so that closed up enthu as well lol. Geez, i thought they opened in a new window, why did I think that? Don’t matter, I am writing this post as I read email, approve members, and a few other little things. So this won’t be done for about an hour I say.

So it’s warming up, and I’d like to do some fun stuff during the summer, places I’d like to visit. I hope my best mate from England can come down, I’d love to do stuff with her. It’s always nice to have your best mate do stuff with you, or your boyfriend or girlfriend, but since I am single, the next best thing is my best mate, yippie! I seen this video clip from an old British sitcom and i feel the need to share so yeah enjoy, and Happy Easter, since I probably won’t post again until next month.

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