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March Madness

Well not really March madness but didn’t know what title to put and thought that sounded appropriate, as this month will probably be crazy and very long. I recently lost 2 fanlistings, for forgetting to update, but I think I got them back which is good. Cause I didn’t want to lose them, not like that anyway. So I would like to take a moment to offer my condolences to one of my best friends Steve, he just recently lost his mother and put her to rest today. Speaking of it’ll be 9 years later this month that my mom has been gone. So I guess Steve and I share something here, I guess we will each year. God rest their souls.

So not much really going on, apart from having lost those two fanlistings but I’m sure they are back now. One other one I lost I still don’t know if I want to bother with it, as it was two actors that worked together in films and they insist I make separate fanlistings for them, but I don’t think I want to, to be quite honest. I have said this I don’t know how many times, but there are loads of fanlistings I have that I should really give up, and have not yet. Eventually hey?

So wow I can’t believe how fast the months are flying by. Not long ago it was Christmas and now were going into Spring, wow. I had a great winter though, just loved it. I’m looking forward to Spring/Summer Hopefully at the end of the year I can return to England, if not the end early 2010 yay! Can’t wait to see my friend there, I miss them so much *hugs* to Alice and Steve, and everyone else knows who they are. Anyway I need to check my email and sort some things out. Have a great week/weekend everyone.