Archives for December 16, 2008


Thanksgiving, I guess I forgot to post here after I posted on my other site lmao. I’m sorry. I’m still alive. I had a birthday not long ago, Dec 4th to be exact. I was sick as a dog during my birthday though, which is not fun. It was the worst ever. But i’m all better now, yay! One of my friends were so lovely to give me a lovely gift, so I must brag about it now lol. Jennifer and Felix were so kind to send me this tote, it’s lovely isn’t it. Sorry I keep using lovely, it’s Steve’s fault lol I’m kidding. Take a look though.

Cute huh? This is the one I had my eye on though, but it’s so expensive Maybe Santa will bring it to me hehe.

So pretty huh? Yeah I think so. So I got loads of wrapping to do, and have not done it yet. I did do some wrapping but I volunteered haha wow that was a lot of wrapping. But now I need to do mine.

Ahh my sweet sweet best friend Alice, sent me some pounds lol. They are big bills she so sweet though. I miss her like crazy and can’t wait to get back to London, so much I want to see, people to meet *wink* anyway I must go now. I’m bad i forgot to post my international Christmas cards yikes, need to do that TODAY!! lol and the others. I’m sure i’ll post again soon. Have a wonderful week everyone.