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Happy Thanksgiving

I think this will just be a cross post from my personal blog, I may edit a few things. But since it was posted today why not.

Wow I’ve been gone a long time. I was so busy with arranging things, and sorting what I was taking and what I was leaving in England. I am in California now, yay!!! My thanksgiving was great, I spent it with my sister, her gf, and my niece and her baby, and my sisters daughter. It was really nice, wow the dinner was delicious. It’s been over 3 years since I had celebrated a proper Thanksgiving, so I am thankful for family. I still miss my mom but I’m sure she was there with us in spirit. I have loads to catch up, not to mention other things in my life. So it’s going to be a bit hectic, my posts might be slow but hey that’s life right?

So I think I am due for a new theme here, cos well winter is setting in, so I need something along those lines. So if somethings start looking funny, then you know I’m working on that lol. I noticed that wordpress has another update lol, should I be surprised? lol. But since I use FanUpdate, I guess I don’t have to worry about an update quite yet. The last 2 days I’ve watched a lot of TV lol more than I have the past 3 years lol. I guess it’s cos I missed American TV, even though I did watch American shows in England. It’s different being here though. I miss the IT Crowd, that is such a funny comedy show. Ok well I think I’ll go make some dinner cos it’s getting later, and i don’t want to wait until the last minute. I have my count for my films for 2007, so I’ll post about that next time. My new year for films I don’t think I will start that until maybe 1st of December, depends how I feel, I may just wait longer lol. I just wanted to say hi to Chris, Millie, Sean, Rick, Stuart *waves hello*