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Oi, I got book 4

I’m really happy about this, I was expecting it sooner but it barely arrived. But I’m thrilled, I still have 2 books to read but just knowing I have the book has me thrilled. I’m reading New Moon at the moment and wow so much is happening to her. I won’t say more because I know people are still reading. But here is a picture of the lovely book. That I am going to be so thrilled to read but at the same time sad because there is no other book, well not that I know of lol, well except for Midnight Sun: Edward’s Version of Twilight, that will be a real treat to read, because a lot of times as I read Twilight Bella’s version I often wondered what he was thinking, and when this book comes out I will be so excited to read that, you can read about that here I think it will be a good book as well. Anyway here is the picture of the book haha I know you all probably seen it already but I just had to post it. Lmao I started this post like a few days ago but never finished it. Well I think it was because I had a lot of other things I was doing and figured this could wait a tad bit, but I guess I waited too long hahah. Okay I was going to post a picture I believe so here we are. I am loving these books so much!

So I’ve been a little slow with this post and all, but oh well sometimes I just get busy. It’s well over due though. So right now I think I’ll go and finish or that is start to finish hahah the layout for the Jim Parsons fanlisting, the only one I believe I ever create again, because I have said numerous time that I do not want to make anymore, but I couldn’t help it with this. Oh well fun fun huh? Yeah well that’s really it. Oh yeah I just had to make a comment about my sidebar, for some reason my far right sidebar loads really slow right at the twitter part, is that happening to anyone else? Please comment and let me know, thank so much. Before I go I wanted to wish my BFF Molly a very Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday sweety, love you loads!

It Takes So Long

For the last week, I’ve been working on converting all my fan listings from fanbase to enthusiast, I spoke of this last time I posted I believe, and well yeah I am still doing it. I’m on my 72nd fanlisting (i have 75, not including the other listings, yikes), I really am shocked at how many I have I didn’t think I had that many lol damn talk about obsessed, no but there are people worse than me, I have closed one, adopted out another, I submitted for only one other fanlisting and I was approved, but other than that I have been a good girl and have not added anything. So I came to see my site see how it is and then seen how long it had been since I updated. Stuff has happened, good and bad but that’s how life goes at times you know? It’s not always going to be good. Never seems to be for me anyway, I know I should be a bit more positive but sometimes you just come to accept things as they are, and love is one of them. It sucks is all I have to say. So apart from that I did finally install wordpress at and I’m happy with how it looks for now. I had to stop work on that site since this new development with my listings happened, I knew I’d be crazy working fixing them all. I’m getting closer to being done though, will be very happy when I am.

As for home life, well it’s just there. Things have to be done, its like a roller coaster ride again, same shit different day, I hate it so I will spare you any of the boring details. I finally upgraded my script at here and I’m happy that went smoothly. So that’s about all. Oh I am way over half way done with the book [twilight] I am loving it so much, it actually has brought me to tears in some places, make me laugh in others and some I’m all like “aww”, its a beautiful book. I actually finished it and started book 2, and I have to say Twilight was everything I hoped and am going to enjoy reading the rest of the books. What else let me see? Hmm can’t think of anything. I really just been working on this conversion thing it’s really so time consuming and on going that I don’t do much else apart from maybe jump on facebook or myspace but that’s never for too long. Right okay I think I shall go now because I have more to do still, and I don’t feel like have them shut down on me, after all my work. I’ll leave you all with a nice song by the Plain White T’s that I like. Have a great week everyone!