Wow! 31 Gold Medals, GO TEAM USA!

I’m guessing everyone is watching some or part of the Olympics, I’ve been watching like every day off and on, and wow Team USA has 31 Gold, 36 Silver, and 35 Bronze, thats great isn’t it? We are leading in the most medals won but China has won like 47 so they are doing fantastic eh? There is so much controversy going on, with competitors cheating, or not calling the penalties correctly, so much drama going on. It’s still exciting to watch. I was watching the one of the Womens swimming events wait no it was diving event and there was a comment made by one of the announcers I don’t know if anyone caught it but it was like a semi final competition and and American made it into semi finals, and the announcer made some kind of remark relating to her age, she is 30 and calling her old. My mouth dropped when I hear that. I got so mad! I was like WTF why are you talking crap like that? I told one of my online friend about it, and she’s like OMG I heard that too! She’s like I thought I was the only one, then she goes on to say that she was talking to her boyfriend whom happens to be Welsh via MSN and she was just ranting to him about that lol. It’s funny because I would of been doing the same thing. Now it’s possibly by slightest chance I heard wrong, but I would love to get a hold of that event just to clear my mind on what the announcer really said. The next Olympics are going to be held in England in 2012, I plan to be here and actually attend it, yay!!

Ok well apart from that Olympics excitement, what have I been up to. Well I finally finished that fanlisting for Jim Parsons of the TV show, The Big Bang Theory, OMG you all must watch it, I just love that show. Anyway if you are a fan then please join the fanlisting. I’ve been working on a few of my sites as well, fixing my forms as they weren’t working, I need to work on my collective contact and affiliates form, because I got so tired of making forms for each fanlisting that I am just going to make one form for all of them and it will just redirect them to my collective, I think it’s the best thing to do and less files to work with and have. I know you probably thinking, why have I waited too long. 1. I already had working forms on each fanlisting, so I couldn’t be bothered, and 2. I was lazy but I think 1. is the biggest reason.

I just upgraded my wordpress at my other domain, and I still need go and upgrade my wp for as well as I use wp there too. How many upgrades per year do you think there are? Too many to ever remember to be honest. I recently had me a visitor for a few days almost a week so I haven’t been able to read more of New Moon, but am finally reading it, and it’s starting to get good. I want to read more soon as I’m done with this post and upgrading the other wp. Ok well thats it for now. There are a lot of finals going on today, and I’m going to be watching!! Go Team USA!!!!

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