Papercraft Is So Cool!~

I’m really excited about this, I got all 3 books from the Twilight saga series by Stephenie Meyer, and well the 4th is coming out Aug 2nd, 2008. I wanted to catch up, hopefully before it comes out. I kept hearing about the book so naturally I got curious. I went to amazon and looked up Twilight, and it had the first chapter there, (or at least part of it lol) and well after reading the first chapter I knew I had to read them all. So today, the postman delivered the books. I got them on ebay cheaper, but were delivered through amazon isn’t that great? Now I’m not a teenager by far, but who says only teenagers read them? Look who wrote the book, definitely not a teenager, but a married woman with 2 kids. Yeah so I think it’s fine for me to read them. So I guess I’ll be busy reading every chance I get. Should I start over or go on to chapter 2, no I think I’ll start over

I was recently browsing the internet and came across something really cool, specifically on youtube is where I first seen it. I was bored so just did random searches and came across this video about “How to build a paper town” so I got curious and watched it, then that lead me to a website FX Console, and that led me to another lol, well it basically shows you how to make stuff out of paper, like this picture for instance, it’s the Batman Tumbler, and it look so real. So I am thinking of picking one to do myself, the pdf files are free, you just print out the paper and assemble. I also am including the ever so cute Wall-e papercraft, isn’t it just cute, and look so real! I just thought it would be fun to do. Ok well here are the pictures for you to see.


Aren’t they so cool, and look so real too. Anyway so that’s what I browsed around with as of lately. So yesterday I found out that one of my fanlistings is not allowing people to join, so I decided to finally make the leap from fanbase to enthusiast, the cool thing is that I have it installed already, and since I just recently got approved for a fanlisting, I am going to add that to it, but first I need to do the Venus fanlisting because it needs to be a working fanlisting. Okay well I guess I got stuff to do, and I’d like to spend some time reading. I’m excited! Hah!


  1. I was wondering if you’d like to do a link exchange?

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