Archives for July 15, 2008

New Fanlisting Coming!

Yeah that’s right you read it correct. Let me tell you what happened. I was talking to Chris, and he asked if I had seen the American TV show Big Bang Theory, well I said no cos I’m not in America so I don’t really keep up with the new shows, and well being here the TV isn’t that exciting, I mean if it wasn’t for American shows it would be a lot more boring, but yes they do get American shows here so yay I have to say there are some really good British TV shows, few but still good. Ok so moving on. So I said not about Big Bang Theory. he’s like, “You should find it on the internet and watch it, it’s really good. So I said why not! Okay just on the first episode alone, I found my favorite character. I really like nerds so that would be who? Lol yeah that’s right! Sheldon Cooper!!! Omg I love that guy so much!!!! So I thought hmm I wonder if he has a fanlisting I would so join it. Well I went to look and wow I was surprised, nothing! So yeah I couldn’t resist and I had to submit for it and well I got the listing, yay! So that will be coming soon. I’ve watched all 18 episodes and I just love the show! Another one of my favorite “nerd type” shows is The IT Crowd, omg that’s so hilarious as well. So like i said, be looking for the Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) fanlisting soon!

The other day I watched Definitely, Maybe it was such a cute story. Yes I watch other stuff apart from Horror, but I have to say if I had a choice. I’d definitely pick Horror over anything else, I’m obsessed about it, I don’t know why. Does that make me morbid? Not really, just a Horror Film Fanatic!!! I think :P, So needless to say last night I watched The Killing Floor, here is a link to the trailer of this film check it out, I really liked that film! If you like thriller type films, that’s one for you to put on your list, as well as The Echo, which hasn’t came out yet, but it’s a Japanese remake of a film by the name of Sagew, really good check out the trailer here. Oh I haven’t got my “package” yet, but I’m really excited to do so. I hope they do give me tickets to see The Bangles for another show, that would be so awesome!! Right! Well that’s all for now, I got stuff I need to do I better get to it. Have a great week!