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I think it’s going to be that time again, no wait I am right. That time to update my listings. wow i’ll need a day to do that. I am so short on time because were in the midst of packing up the flat. Al is renting out the flat, and I’m moving on to another place, since I’ll be returning to America at the end of the year for a nice long visit So that’ll be fun. I was talking to Al today, telling her how much I’m going to miss her, when I’m back in California. I will too, I almost started cry. I’m such a baby but I can’t help it, she’s like the best friend I never had, I am so happy she is my best friend forever!! So yeah it will be like a packathon going on here haha. Fun Fun!!

On Saturday we’ll be staying out due to the fact there will be painters in the house. The thing about that is, well I feel, is that I feel uncomfortable leaving strangers in the house and us not being there. Am I the only one that feels this. I mean I’d be happy to stay in the bedroom while they paint, its one room they are painting, including the balcony. How long would that take? Few hours? Well we’ll have no choice but to be here, well until about 1.30 or so, then we need to check into a B&B then I have an appointment later on to do a viewing. It feels like invasion of privacy lol. Am I being paranoid, or do I have the right to feel that. I’m going to try to convince Al we shouldn’t leave until they are done and out. They (the painters) should have all their equipment and supplies with them, so there should be no reason for them to leave or go on an errand to pick anything up.

Last week, we went to rent some storage space, but I really feel that its too small mind you a lot of stuff can be stacked on top of each other being they are lots of boxes. There are some furnishing though that need to go in, so we’ll see. Al’s been telling me that the estate agent hasn’t been really communicating or even making an attempt to get in touch with her, after she leaves messages. I mean Al has someone moving in and she hasn’t even got her phone number or been able to have a one on one talk with her. I know the agency is suppose to represent her, but aren’t they suppose to pass things through her first. Well I think they should, what kind of agency keeps the owner clueless? Al’s even thought about pulling out because of the way they are handling things, I don’t blame her either, but at the same time she don’t want to lose this tenant. Argg we’ll see what happens, Al has plans of changing agencies anyway.

I’ll be busy the next week and a half, I hope I get a chance to update my listings. I don’t need them to be taken away that would be sad. Anyway I need to get going, making some hamburgers for us and I am starving, haven’t had a bite all day. Plus now there is a new verson of FanUpdate so need to get that updated. Ok have a great week/weekend all!

Happy June!

Omg look at that! It’s already June!!! Wow that means half the year is gone, and its kick start to summer, woohoo who isn’t happen about that? I am a bit yes indeed I am. Although again I have to say that being in England you would never guess its summer haha. I love England don’t get me wrong, but I love California weather even more! I know its already scorching in California by now lol. Got to love that!

So I visited Daisy’s website and read her blog about a list that can be made, let me quote a bit from it. Thats all taken from Martha Beck, O’s life coach, read Alice’s story “The Love List,” and explains why it worked.

Was it coincidence or magic? Alice Gorman wrote 100 things she wanted in a man, buried the list in a closet. And then, oddly enough, a man who matched the list almost exactly strolled into her life. Seriously, people, how did that happen?

Well there you go it’s an interesting piece to read on Oprah’s site, personally I never been to Oprah’s site but when I read this I was like wow, can that really happen. Well I have not tried it, but thought why not? What do I have to lose? Not a thing in the world right? Well there you go, something interesting for you to read. This blog is short, just needed to put a Happy June in there. Okay I’m going to go and fix this theme up. See ya! Oh yeah I forgot to mention, That Alice in that article isn’t my Al, and speaking of Al, she’s coming for a few days, we got some stuff to do here. Maybe I’ll post again, but more than likely not until after she leaves. Okay thats all for now. Have a good week everyone!