Archives for May 14, 2008

Double Dose

I can’t believe that I actually get a double dose of Mother’s Day. Living in England, they have their Mother’s day in a different month so I experience it twice. Well I won’t say I don’t have a mother because I do, just that she passed away in 2001. No one ever gets past losing a parent. Anyway so I hope everyone had a really nice one. My mom was on my mind the whole day, bless her.

So apart from that, I’m having issues with my ex, we are trying to get a long but sometimes it seems impossible. One moment things are great, the next she gets mad (has a temper those Irish lol) and says mean things, but I know deep down inside she don’t mean it. Because I don’t mean things either. Today I went downtown, and it was hot, then later when I got home, the temperature just shot down. It’s very cool now, maybe even cloudy if I go look haha. Wow radical weather. I checked and it’s raining, an earlier when I was down in the town it was hot. Wow haha. I can’t believe how it changes so quickly. Anyway I wanted to post this trailer for a movie called What Happens In Vegas it looks really funny. Enjoy the trailer.