Geez March Already!

Time is going to fast, or I am just a lazy ass that is going much too slow. So here we are in March already, and we had Mothers day here in England, well since my mother passed away in 2001, well I have no mother, but still I wished people who do have a mother a happy one. There is this thing my mother used to tell me when I was younger. Don’t let this spook you now hehe. But she told me that sometimes when you least expect you see a random round bruise like on your forearm or what not? Well she said that when you see that, it means that someone that has passed on has come to visit you, and that show they let you know they visited you. Like in my case it would be my lovely mother god rest her soul!!! Well yeah that appeared on my left forearm on Mother’s day which was March 2nd well is it a coincidence? I don’t know, but when that happens, I think of what she said, and I remember! So as far as I’m concerned, she did visit me and thats how she let me know she was around me that day. Cos I was feeling down and sad, and missing her so much, so when I seen that, I smiled and thought bout her and just whispered in the air “i love you mom” ooo my eyes just go watery lol. We had a very special close relationship, so you can imagine how hard it was to lose her. Okay well thats my story for today. Nothing new to report with the website, and my fanlisting, just wanted to touch basis. Ok thanks all for your comments, the little ones I get. Hmm I need to do a hostee check! Oh yeah hosting is open if anyone is interested.

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